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Here in this diary... [entries|friends|calendar]
Sentiments of Poetic Justice

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[08 Dec 2008|04:30pm]


Mod, if this isn't ok, i'll delete asap..

There are times when I feel out of place..
I got the idea to start a community for those of us who feel sometimes like we don't belong.. anywhere.

A Place To Belong


It's brand new and need members.. [hint hint]
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Blues4Kali- A Cult Classic for the End Times [28 Jan 2007|12:55am]

[ mood | creative ]

What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012?
...an instant of Karma? ...an ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!

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[30 Sep 2006|12:55am]

look in my eyes
what do you see?
a little girl
scared and alone?
a frightening
panther there?
the fire of life
faint and dim?
tears pain
anger hatrid?
whats inside?
you'l never know
for she is a scary
panther kittn
scared and alone
with tears pain
anger and hatrid
to contend with
i cant let you in
for if i do she will
be hurt once again
pain so great you cant
fathom or understand
look in my eyes
what do you see?
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[30 Sep 2006|12:39am]

Pain and sorrow
Tears and fright
No more pain
No more tars
Just go away
Just let me be
I want to fly
I need freedom
Pain and sorrow
Tears and fright
Always pain
Always tears
They wont leave
They always stay
My wings are clipped
My cage is locked
Pain and sorrow
Tears and pain
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Shameless Promotion... [04 Jan 2006|09:10pm]

No one has posted here in a while, but I figured I would put up a link to another poetry community in case anyone is interested.

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JOIN! [20 Dec 2004|10:41pm]


Free Thinking Poetry!!!
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JOIN JOIN JOIN!!! [13 Dec 2004|08:16pm]


It's gonna blow your socks off!!!
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i am squared [20 Nov 2004|09:38pm]
i know now that there is more to me than this
we've left all our tomorrows in the hands of yesterday

we are so intimately foolish, dearest me
there is never enough fork to go around

eight steps forward and three back will not
accomplish more than you and i tonight

we've left more to the imagination and less to me
but still, we'll come up above negative this year

all our mistakes from days past are coming up for us
and we're gently turning them down, lightly and patiently

thanks for giving me


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my knees please [03 Sep 2004|11:06am]

I watched your eyes follow me to the room only to consume the begining of my jeans
your staring at me clean as a whistle and I am watching you move unlean
and you waiting period is condensed into some sort of substance i left standing
but your hands were falling short of romance
and my eyes were falling down to your knees
where i stand waiting for a plead
i love you is all i can speak
when i am weak and your just there in front of me
and I want to drop down and please you
like never before.
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xanax [03 Sep 2004|08:44am]

take a picture of my heart and you would see a glimps of your face
so small as it begins to fade away
this xanax really puts a mark on your soul
as it pushes it's way through your blood
circulates some sort of hold you have over me
this aching in my chest so hollow as it dies
you were my one and only pride
but sometimes I remember when you would speak
so delicatly into my ear and whipser so softly
that I could hardley hear you
I still knew what you mean
that this was over
and was never there
but this picture of my heart shows clearly
you were once mine.
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Here I am... [27 Aug 2004|06:06pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

An imagination that is unweary to this heart and only something I can reach out and touch. Your words meant nothing to me as I slashed his name into my skin. This is where we begin. I know how much you do not know about me or anything about this crippled mind but relax baby it will be over soon. My crimson literature will no longer be thrown onto your doorstep. You will no longer trip over my eagerness crawling on the floor towards you. It's just a distraction. How much I wish to always remember the way your eyes settled on a certain object everytime we threw back and forth cruel words. Up and down we shouted to eachother. Wishful thinking my dear only got us tied up in knots. No more of anything tonight. Just sing me to sleep my sweet. Sing until my brain swells with love and passion. Kiss my head as I die tonight. Lay down beside me. Don't ask me the question you've been hopeing I would answer. Cause I will never tell again until you say that you love me. Secrets will be kept locked inside and I will hide under this bed until I choke from dust balls.
I am still waiting.
For something.
Anything to roll off your lips.
Into my ears.
"Go die!" he says.
What then.
Would you cry for me and lay on my grave and tell me things you would tell no other.
Would you finally admit that you loved me.
My imagination is unweary of your touch.
This love is broken in two and I am nothing without you.

My stomach is growing inches beyond inches of regret. This day, there is nothign left but crumbs and traces of tears. Did I surprise you when I said all those things. Did you think that I was something different. Another girl to take innocently. Take my innocence. I gave you a piece of me that I can never get back and you run with it like a bastard in heat. You only wanted one thing from me. And you got it so now you are gone. Deprived my little child. So deprived you cry out loud. Well the moon is waiting for you now. He is smiling down at you. What a bad boy you have been. Rot up there with that dark moon. Rot and die. I heard it is hard to breathe so far away from the earth. Will you relearn how to eat. How to rock yourself to sleep.

I gently move back and forth. My arms are cold without you. And I rub them swiftly to get some heat. A little less sleep is fine by me. Less time for me to dream of you. Less time for me to want you. See when I am awake and all the pills are floating in front of my face I smile because that means I do not need to think of you. I keep writing and writing until my hands fall off just to get it all out. A little self doubt I know. Another will come along to claim it's territory. Another will bow down for a piece of ass. A piece of my sanity. They are all running away with it like fools in a parade. Showing off their accomplishments. I pray you all drown in your self pity. I wish some letters didn't belong in the alphabet. Then I could write more peacefully. I could cut my hair every month to only get rid of these, l-o-n-e-l-y....

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Some things I wrote a while ago... [20 May 2003|02:27pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

This black acid rain keeps falling
as the ringing phone keeps calling
me to answer it as if it was most important at this time?
But if i were to answer the call
would you say you'd be home next fall
or would it be another salesman saying please ma'am, hold the line?
I reach for it and my heart stops beating
and though i know the moment is just fleeting
i pick it up and say hello and hope you'll be there, too.
and i hear your breath catch in your throat
and you clear your voice as i hear you choke
on words youve been dreaming in your head like "i've been thinking of you."
and soon enough we cut like knives
thru broken hearts and broken lives
and once again i want to scream at everything you stand for
but how can i when i see that face
and touch your perfect warm embrace
i guess its all that i can do to show you to the door.
so i hang up the phone in my own spite
and kiss my photo of you goodnight
and wish you'll call again when i'm in better spirits.
so i guess we'll talk tomorrow
and you'll have all new sorrows
but truth be told im sick of this and i dont want to hear it.


I sat in the window and counted the raindrops that fell on your sunset hair and wondered how i could change this whole mess to fit my perspective of what is and what isnt and so much isnt but more is and everytime i hear you breathe its all i can do not to cry and dissolve into the holy waters of my own sea of grief.
I saw the frown on your face reflect the thosands of lies I've told you and the tens of thousands of times i told you i loved you, in my head and otherwise, and it was always returned by you, yet i still know it isnt the same when i look in your deep eyes and feel them swallow me whole.
I choke on the words i want to confess but i cant because ill lose you forever and call me crazy cuz i am but that is not my goal for this long term lifetime that i must endure in solitude cuz i cant get up the guts to take charge for once and admit the truth to us all.
So pardon me if i lie to your face all the time i really dont mean to its just that you scare me so much and as much as i want to come clean like you are with the rain on your face and in your hands my hands are empty and swollen with shame so please forgive me if i get tears on your shirt.

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hi [18 May 2003|04:18pm]

[ mood | busy ]

my fingers are bloody

i'm reaching
grasping at broken glass and jagged edges
the only thing i can do flawlessly
is fall back down
over and over
and look back at my perfectly bruised body
scarred and despised
and lick the blood from my finger tips
tasting the way it mixes so nicely with the tear on my lip

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redemption [18 May 2003|11:45am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I don't feel free
And I lack your sympathy
I just need you to hold me right now
Break away from your chains
I cant stand you sulking
Run freely to my arms
Forget the harm I caused
Ill weep no more
If you will just stay with me
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"Poetry, and thoughts" [18 May 2003|05:37am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Here is some of my poetry/thoughts from when i was in the mental hospital, and at my lowest point in my life. enjoy..

Dark Desires,

Love me, or not?
If i never existed,
would you be my soul mate?
Would you bond with someone else?
Would you be a virgin?

If i died,
Would you care?
Would you get on with life?
Would you cry?

If i got better,
will you love me?
Would we be happy?
A happy family?

If this don't help,
would you love me the same?
Would our plans continue?
Then maybe i'll be happy?

What if i was a girl,
Would you hold me?
Would you kiss me?

Please say its all true, Love me forever.

Tears of Blood
That warm salty wetness,
moistens my dry eye.
The pain within my heart,
flowing of the thick blood,
through my withered viens.
My liver is like burnt toast
impaled upon a spike.

I sit here,
upon this velvet chair,
Crying these tears....
These tears of blood....

I ask myself
the same questions,
over and over again,
will i ever feel the joy,
the joy of being happy?
or will i continue to
these tears of blood?

I'am ugly.
How could anyone want this
bruised and scarred body?

I'am mean.
How could anyone put up
with my bullshit?

I'am a failure.
How could anyone deal with
my lack of ambition?

I'am Physcotic.
How could anyone love me when
i'am mentally fucked?

I'am Dead.
How could anyone love me when
i don't exist as normal?

I'am empty.
How does anyone put up with me,
when i feel very little love for anyone.


Valentines day poem
Our blood is interwinded,
like a vine.
it fits together,
like a puzzle.
We are meant to be,
like night and day.
Our love cannot be broke,
like a stick.
Never take it for granted,
like a cold winter day.

Love me,
Love me not,
Love me forever.

Death is easy.
Death don't hurt
Death is dark, Death is sweet
Death is all that lasts forever.
Death is eternal beauty
Death is a lover with a thousand tounges
A thousand insect carcasess
Death is easy
Death is Easy

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Infidelities [18 May 2003|12:22am]

[ mood | cynical ]

She can't stop crying...
she tries,
but the tears keep falling,
rain from her eyes,
as she wishes for death,
alone in her battle,
crying for anyone, anything,
a reason to stay here,
amongst the painted backdrop of her future's horizon,
yet standing still,
the infidelities of her past burning bright,
as she collapses in nothingness,
crying once more.

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